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“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.”


  Fall and winter 2015 is fast approaching and with that the Duncan rain and Victoria wind storms to go with it! It’s time to think about roof maintenance and roof leaks and how to avoid them. It is best when you have a roof leak to turn off power in that location. Via the breaker box if possible, or a wall switch at least. Roof leaks can lead to a house fire if they’re neglected Roof leaks enter the attic and soak your insolation. Under your insolation is a plastic vapor barrier that the water finds holes in.  The water most often surfaces around lights and fans.  This can lead to electrical shorts, and fires. . PW McCallum Roofing has roof repair experts to prevent and repair this. Roof leaks can travel in your attic a great distance before becoming visible in your home or office. Sometimes leaks can go unnoticed and cause molds and fungi growth leading to unpleasant smells and health effects.      .  

PW McCallum roofing understands roof maintenance.  Clearing the roof of leaves and twigs is a very important way to prevent leaks, also it is important to clear organic debris around vents and flashing to prevent water damming and entering your home. Wind can be very damaging on older roofs, after a wind storm you should inspect your roof for signs of wind damage. How wind damage to your roof may look, missing shingles or discolored spots on the roof. Should you have a roof leak or suspect roof problems. Whether you’re in Victoria, BC or Duncan, BC we have the roofing repair experts to help.  

Should you require a new roof or a roof replaced, we are your Roofing Contractor. PW McCallum Roofing offers free estimates we have fast friendly service in Victoria, BC and Duncan BC  We install TPO flat roofs, standing seam pro lock metal roofs, Asphalt fiberglass shingle Roofing and Recycled Rubber roofs, we offer green roofing options on our green roofing page    

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