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    Roof repairs in Duncan B.C.  The 2016 fall has been very moist and warm in the Cowichan Valley. Most of the leaks we have seen this year have been leaking chimneys and leaking skylights, we’ve had some flat roof leaks and a few metal roof leaks. @PW McCallum Roofing we now offer a yearly roof maintenance package that would make a great Christmas 2016 gift. The benefits that comes with a roof maintenance are many. Your roof is inspected for possible roof leaks, leaks that may go unnoticed for long periods of time are identified saving you thousands of dollars in damages from rotted moldy attics and walls.

     Call for a free re-roof estimate,  if your roof is beyond roof maintenance. We have many roof installation locations in Duncan, and Victoria, that can be viewed. We have many types of roofing products at these locations that we offer. Flat Roofs, TPO, Asphalt tiles and metal Roofs, for more go to our web page at        


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2116 Renfrew Rd Shawnigan Lake B.C. V0R 2W1

1724 Leighton Rd Victoria B.C. V8R 1M8

246 2 St Duncan B.C. V9L 1R6

309 Benhomer Drive Colwood B.C. V9C 2C7

246 2 St Duncan B.C. V9L 1R6