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    Metal roofing is really buyer beware, what makes a good metal roof from a bad one is not easily seen. Level of quality changes geographically for instance a pro-lock metal roof installed in Victoria will be installed with a bottom starter flashing used and metal panel folded around it. In Duncan and the Cowichan Valley the bottom is almost never installed this way. We have found that though metal roofs are more common in the Cowichan Valley, this level of install is somewhat poorer quality than roofs installed in greater Victoria. Of course I’m sorry to say generally this applies to all roofing materials and their application in the Cowichan Valley. I’m not saying that every installer in the Duncan area is doing a poor install just that we have noticed poor installers do go unnoticed in the Cowichan Valley for longer periods of time. At PW McCallum Roofing our goal is to provide the best steel roof for a reasonable price and professionally installed.

    One of the biggest myths I hear when it comes to the purchase of a metal roof is question that the roof may be noisy in the rain. We feel that people come to this conclusion after staying in a trailer or something. However when roofing a house in metal there is an attic space in between that dampens the rain noise.  A modern home with an attic and a very thick layer of insolation, we don’t feel noise would be a problem when weighed against the overwhelming benefits of a metal roof. The benefits of a metal roofing are great. Long lifespan, increased asset value, many colors and styles plus the ability to safely harvest rain water for irrigation of plants. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about steel roof estimating and pricing.        

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