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Synthetic Roofing VS Tar Paper

Synthetic Paper     When synthetic paper first came out, the sales rep told me this was the “best thing going.” Now, we are finding that in our west coast rain forest environment on Vancouver Island this is not totally true. First, I was told that it leaked if you didn’t use the plastic washer nails. After being told that, just a box of regular roofing nails was acceptable and if they were hand nailed, could be left to the environment for a year! Wow that’s incredible! But all good things must come to an end. Now we are finding that if the material is not cut back or if it is hanging down the typical 2”,  it will suck up water from the gutter i.e. “Wick”. We’ll also been told that some synthetic under-layment’s do not breath and cause moisture to be trapped on roof deck. We have found on two roofs in regular rainfall that the synthetics leak even with plastic washers used on an 8/12 pitch (that’s steep) and tarps had to be placed. We did however change brands and the problem was resolved but buyer beware. It angers us as we are professional roofing contractors the products were sold and promoted by our suppliers can be so faulty. I find myself over the years I have becoming very wary of new products. We have lost sales over this, however we feel it is worth losing the contract over putting on a roof that could be faulty.  

ROOFING PAPER     Today’s tar paper is nothing like the paper used in the 1970′s. Today tar paper is called number 15 and 30 paper and is made of recycled paper and a Tar mixture and fails rather quickly. Pre 1970′s, the tar or pitch was mixed with rag and felt fibers. This early form did stand up well. That being said if you’re willing to do some research when you purchase tar paper. New versions can be found that utilize polyester fibers, this product does perform well. Most often when a roof estimate is provided in the south island Victoria, B.C. and Duncan, B.C. the contractor is trying to be competitive. At PW McCallum Roofing we try to inform the customer, that best price is not always in best interest of the customer. We offer 7 generations in the industry as experience and 3 generations of that on Vancouver Island. We don’t always offer the newest trend on the market but will offer products with a proven track record.        

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