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Roofing Project Questions and Answers


1. How long will it take to install my new roof? Answer: a number of factors come into play when installing a new roof.   An easy 1970s box house found in a number of older neighborhoods in Victoria, and Duncan, BC may only take a few days to re-roof. However a house that has wood shakes on it and requires plywood re-sheet may take up to a week, these houses are very common in the Victoria, Duncan, BC areas. It may take an extra day or so if your roof is complex with many small sections, such as; hips, valleys and steep pitches. Poor access can also be a time consuming challenge.  Weather is major factor; I say add a day for every day it rains.

2. What is the best time of year to do my roof? Answer: There is no real best time of year. Best temperature we feel is more important.  10°C to 14°C is best range.  The common belief is that summer is best; however this is not totally true.  Summer time the roofs are hot and shingles become soft from the heat, causing asphalt shingle to be easily damaged. Winter weather is a much bigger factor, as rain or snow could slow the roof job for a few days.

3. What does my estimate include? Answer: Most roofing contractors price roofs to be competitive, this however is not always best for the homeowner, because there are a number of benefits that may be overlooked at the time of the initial visit. We will inspect and bring to your attention, other possible problem areas and will include them in detail on your roof quote, as optional items.  Extra venting can be added, chimneys can be re-pointed/ repaired, skylights can be changed or installed, fascia boards can be replaced, Moldy/Mouldy sheeting can be removed and replaced with new making for a heather home.

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