We have a long proven track record in Roof Repair, Roof replacement and maintenance of commercial buildings on the south Island.   

On this Victoria, BC condo building, we repaired leaks on the Tar & Gravel roof. Later we installed gun pots to anchors for chimney b-vents.     

 On this Sidney, B.C. commercial strip mall, we did a number of roof repairs. On the Thrifty Foods section, we did extensive preventative maintenance to the tar and gravel roof. We replaced the section over the Thrifty foods entrance with a new torch on roof.    

This commercial building in Colwood, B.C.the metal roof was a challenge to locate leaks on. Its proximity to the ocean caused small pin holes to form in the metal roof panels. Finding these roof leaks was a skill in itself.    

This Langford commercial office building had a tar & gravel flat roof. We did repair this building on occasion.   

We did a number of flat roof repairs on the Landmark building in Victoria, B.C.   

 Royal Oak Estates, we did a number of repairs on these buildings. Early on, we installed an overflow system to the built in gutters; they would plug up and leak into the building. Repairs to a number of the tiles that were the roofing system at the time. We did a large amount of flat roof repairs to these Saanich, B.C. Buildings 

We did a large number of Tar & Gravel flat roof repairs on these Esquimalt apartment buildings. 

3700 Carey Rd, Saanich, B.C. We did a number of repairs to this building, starting with the underground parking lot. In this picture you can see a parking lot, under it is an underground parking structure. We project managed repairs to this section. We removed the top asphalt and installed a double drain system. On the building we installed new flashings and a membrane paint to the stucco.   

On this commercial building in Langford, we did a number of flashing repairs and repairs to small leaking flat roofs. 

We did a number of flat roof repairs to this Esquimalt condo building.  

On this condo building in Sidney, B.C, we did repairs to leaking skylights and flat roofs.

On this commercial warehouse in Saanich, we did a large number of repairs to large leaking flat roof.

This Victoria condo building had a problem with blowing snow entering and leaking. 

On this Government St. building in Victoria, B.C. we installed an EPDM patch on the flat section. 

Plum Tree Lane

On this Duncan, B.C. Condo building we installed new venting and replaced the leaking entry way roof. This was also the first time using a drone for roof Reports.   

On this Gibbins Rd town house complex in Duncan B.C. we have done a number of repairs to metal and flat roofs.