The video's below were taken in the Shawnigan Lake area. The home owner didn't understand the importance of preventative roof maintenance, the leak this caused did thousands in damage to her home.      

            Roof maintenance can vary from being  just a simple clearing of drains or it can be very involved, removing moss. We can assess the level of maintenance that needs to be done with a roof inspection.  Most roof leaks are caused from a lack of preventative maintenance. Just recently, we inspected a house in Duncan, BC with mold in the attic. A clear lack of proper maintenance caused water to back up in the valley section of the roof and leak. Some people would like you to think that if you install expensive gutter guards it will reduce maintenance. It has been our experience with our moist climate in the Duncan and Victoria areas that heavy rain fall tends to overwhelm the gutter guards. Water can't get through the small holes and starts backing up under the roofing shingle and leaves a clear water line on the roofing paper. This creates a wick effect on the OSB roof sheeting. Prolonged moisture can result in mold growth. Cleaning gutter guards has to be part of your regular maintenance to reduce the chance of it backing up.